What is the Black Gold?

As a merger of aesthetics and science, along with Stefan Cioroba's passion for both design and architecture, MAKAB concept as a jewelry brand came to life in 2017 bringing to the market a unique product. MAKAB embodies eternity through the use of sacred geometry and the essence of the fractals. The founder enhanced the emotions through a synergetic interaction of materials and their duality purposes; he used rare coffee crystals to reflect the darkness and pure silver to embrace the light. Through the carefully curated line of unisex pieces, MAKAB aims to reveal the most distinctive human trait we possess, duality. Therefore, at the core of the brand lies the designers belief that each individual is intrinsically designed by a unique series of elements that are in continuous antithesis, where one cannot exist without the other, such qualities as darkness and light, noise and silence, obedience and rebelliousness.

In order to translate his outtake on life and the purpose of duality, Stefan translated his thoughts into physical forms, darkness is seen through coffee elements such as beads or pendants, manufactured from the rarest types of coffee on Earth, whilst light is reflected through the pure silver accents, embodied by chains or shells seen in all MAKAB pieces.

MAKAB represents avant-garde jewelry that is as disruptive for the market as it becomes distinctive for the wearer.